Ep. 1: Should I cut off from my narcissistic mother?

In this episode, Jenny addresses the following question:

Can you possibly address how efforts at Growing Yourself Up are the same or different when facing a narcissistic individual? In my case, my own mother. Many sources I’ve read on narcissism suggest that often the best course of action is “no contact” (which is obviously in direct opposition to suggestions in your book). I’d be really interested in hearing anything about this unique facet of growing yourself up.

About the Managing Challenging Relationships series:

In this Podcast series, Dr Jenny Brown responds to written requests to share her thinking about a tricky relationship challenge. She draws from her understanding of Bowen family systems theory to shed light on especially challenging relationship situations. She provides some ideas to make sense of the issue and draws from her clinical experience to describe a real-life example of dealing with a similar dynamic.

Note: Some details of questions have been changed for protecting privacy.