Ep. 3: Heightened Upset from a mother to her adult daughter

This scenario involves an adult daughter, her mother and her husband and father.  

She writes: “Another issue that keeps coming up is when I got married and moved out of home. We would visit once a week but to her it wasn’t enough. She wanted us to move in with her and my dad. She stopped communicating with us for half a year because of this. In some ways, she still blames me for her poor mental health and illnesses because I got married and left home.” 

About the Managing Challenging Relationships series: In this Podcast series, Dr Jenny Brown responds to written requests to share her thinking about a tricky relationship challenge. She draws from her understanding of Bowen family systems theory to shed light on especially challenging relationship situations. She provides some ideas to make sense of the issue and draws from her clinical experience to describe a real-life example of dealing with a similar dynamic.

Note: Some details of questions have been changed for protecting privacy.