When social distancing can become emotional hibernation.

Withdrawing is a natural response to stress. What happens when it is socially mandated? What do we need to watch out for in following societal obligations while watching that we don’t inadvertently contribute to vulnerability to mood symptoms?

Stay tuned for the weekly series:

 Week 2 = When the unfolding COVID-19 ‘Reality TV-like Drama’ moves into the territory of obsession.

Week 3 = Couples living in lock-down. How to stay connected and not suffocated.

Week 4 = Parents and children in constant view. How to resist the pull to be over-monitoring.

Week 5 = Couples in close proximity. How to understand and reduce an escalation in conflict.

Week 6 = Parents supervising children’s schoolwork. What is and isn’t effective?

Week 7 = Staying connected to extended family. How is this helpful to couples, parents, and children?

Week 8 = Becoming more mature in the face of challenges. How can this season be an opportunity for developing goals that have substance?

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For those who want to understand how family system therapy provides a map for navigating stress in self and relationships see the online seminars at the Family Systems Institute: www.thefsi.com.au

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