Endorsements – Growing Yourself Up

“Jenny Brown has written an extraordinary book on Bowen Theory: clear, easy to read, while maintaining all the human complexity of Bowen’s theory of differentiation or maturity. Brown’s examples ring true and her clarity on the key points of developing mature relationships with those in your life. The book is a welcome breath of air for all those interested in understanding or conveying to others the principles of managing relationships with spouses, partners, siblings, and others. Every clinician should have copies of this book to give to clients. ”

Monica McGoldrick, M.A., M.S.W., Ph.D. (Hon)  Director of the Multicultural Family Institute in Highland Park, New Jersey, and also a Visiting Professor at Fordham University School of Social Service and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.


‘In Growing Yourself Up, Jenny Brown demonstrates, through fascinating case vignettes and her own elegant clinical insights, how the challenging task of achieving maturity is possible.’

— Dr Elliott J. Rosen, Ed.D., Director Emeritus, Family Institute of Westchester, White Plains, New York


‘This book is an excellent resource for those interested in pursuing greater emotional maturity in their relationships (and those learning to help others do so). In short, a wonderfully clear, thoughtful and engaging read. I recommend it highly.’

— Elizabeth A. Skowron, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, Pennsylvania State University


‘This will be a book that readers will return to again and again to refresh their thinking and their efforts to be effectively present and accounted for in the major relationships of their lives.’

— Dan Papero PhD, MSW, Faculty of The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, Washington, DC


‘One of the marks of a truly brilliant idea is that once you hear it — especially from an expert — it sounds perfectly obvious. I had exactly this experience reading Jenny Brown’s Growing Yourself Up. On almost every page I found myself thinking: of course!’

— Rev Dr John Dickson, Director, Centre for Public Christianity; Senior Research Fellow, Macquarie University, Sydney


Growing Yourself Up is a book of wisdom, presented carefully and empathically without pulling any punches. The ideas will resonate, not as being from the ivory tower of academia but by reminding us of deep truths that you somehow already know.’

— Dr Paul Rhodes, Senior Lecturer, Clinical Psychology Unit, University of Sydney

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